A few bad Apples

Do we really need more disinformation? Apples’ ongoing attempt to fool consumers is the electronic equivalent of a poorly run negative political campaign.  Granted the switcher ads are humorous, but comedy doesn’t excuse dissemination of disinformation. Don’t get me wrong, Apple has done a good job at building unique niche products, but best of breed? I think not. Does Apple actually believe the public at large will buy this crap or is this all done to play to the ego of the Apple fan boys?

Apple has created a sense of false security, allowing consumers to believe Macs are immune to viruses.  Granted Mac viruses are rare. This is not because they are more secure than other operating systems, rather because they don’t have a targetable market share. As Apple market share grows, it becomes a more favorable target. Ignoring this potential risk and reinforcing a security myth expands the target while hurting security as a whole. PC hardware and software manufacturers understand these risks and vigilantly work to create and provide security software suites.

More expensive manufacturing, assuming the manufacturing truly does cost more, doesn’t necessarily make better hardware. Sure, milling a solid block of aluminum to create a laptop chassis is different but not groundbreaking. In reality, Apple builds computers lacking hardware options, expandability, and upgradeability. While there isn’t media frenzy around PC hardware innovations they normally have a far greater impact than Apples. I use blocks of steel as bookends – that does not mean I’m an artist or innovator. I didn’t make a better bookend; it’s just my use of steel. I can understand a minimalistic approach but that’s a choice, not an innovation.

Where are the standard features we’ve come to expect on a laptop? Multiple ports for expandability with the freedom to travel without a case full of dongles? Biometrics for added security and additional authentication schemes? How about the desktop options required to stay abreast of technology growth? Or, the ability to easily upgrade to an unlimited by compatibility choice of processor, video card, HDTV-tuner, soundcard, motherboard, or any other hardware that is on the market? Where is the freedom of choice that spurs innovation, or the open platform that allows rapid evolution? PCs are not only more flexible, they are cheaper to replace if you choose not to upgrade your hardware.

I’m not buying the fact that it’s cheap and easy to change platforms. Yes, I understand that a Mac functions right out of the box. Truth be told, you can do the exact same thing with a PC. I know iLife is a claim to fame with MACs, but Windows comes bundled with the exact same feature set. Hands down, there is more consumer software for the PC than for the MAC, and it’s cheaper. And yes, I understand I can run Windows on a Mac, but why? PCs come with Windows, why would I buy a MAC then buy Windows on top of it? It’s like buying a “pretty” car then paying to have the engine installed.

Windows Vista is not broken, and if you compare the out of the box experience between Mac OS and Windows, people find them about equal. Neither platform is perfect but neither is broken – they’re simply different. A minimalistic approach isn’t wrong nor is it innovative, it’s just different. Simply put, it seems as if Apple just can’t seem to find the strength within the product line to positively promote their product, instead relying on negative mud-slinging more reminiscent of a Presidential campaign than a computer company.

Maybe there is a reason that the Apple motto is ‘Think Different’ and not ‘Think Better’.

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