Feedscrub tackles information overload

For those of us out there who receive our news through RSS feeds rather than spend time scouring news sites know just how fast news feeds can pile-up if left untouched for even a day.

Feedscrub actually “trains” your feeds to show you the stories that you’re interested in, and filters out the content that you’d rather not spend time reading about.

To get started on Feedscrub, you need to first request an Invite Code (mine arrived in my inbox a short time later). After you receive your code, all you need to do is to tell Feedscrub which feeds to filter.

For those stories that you’re not interested in, you can scrub that story away (and those similar to it) by clicking on the “scrub” button in your RSS reader. For any stories that you do find interesting, simply click on the “save” button within that feed. Your “save” and “scrub” preferences can also be managed through the Train Filter tab once logged into Feedscrub.

For more information on how Feedscrub works, visit http://www.feedscrub.com/pages/about.

Share multiple links with Sharetabs

Do you often have several websites that you want to share with family, friends or coworkers? How about several websites that you want to share on Twitter or other social networking sites, but don’t want to hassle with multiple updates?

Sharetabs.com provides a free service that lets you share multiple websites as tabs. Simply add a list of website addresses (and as far as I know, there is no limit on the number of websites you can list), and Sharetabs will provide you with a special link to all of your sites conveniently displayed as tabs.

The first tab that is displayed is a preview tab, showing all of your chosen websites as thumbnails (similar to opening a new tab in Google Chrome). You can choose to then view your sites in the tabs that appear next to the preview tab, or click on the “Open all links” link at the top of the preview page to view each website in a new window.

Another neat feature of Sharetabs is tracking the number of times the special Sharetabs link is viewed after you’ve sent it out to others.

View an example of Sharetabs, and check out all of the Society’s social networking websites by viewing our Sharetabs link: http://www.sharetabs.com/?OSCPA.