Where I’ve Been

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the opportunity to focus on my posts. I apologize and promise there are good things to come. Just as a teaser, I’d like to mention some great podcasts that I need to post. These great podcasts were created by myself, Bill Sheridan from The Maryland Society of CPAs, David Gammel from High Context Consulting LLC, Paul Schneider from Socious Inc. and several guests.

Beyond the podcasts, I had the opportunity to attend Digital Now. (The Twitter stream for the conference can be found at http://www.twazzup.com/search?q=dn09&l=all). I’ve been working on implementing Aptify, spending several weeks in rapid configuration meetings and training. A great OSCPA team has been working toward building strategies for our new website built on DNN with full Aptify configuration. Of course I’ve been writing, speaking and sending out my tweets when possible.

So far this spring has been a buzz with new ideas and great opportunities and I need to find some time to share more with you all. Stay tuned as I offer up more details on the podcasts and some of my current projects.


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