Review: Apple iPedestal

The Apple iPedestal ($79.99, and Apple retail stores nationwide starting April 15) has been anticipated for months. Combining the latest in Apple’s always innovative design with state of the art technology and a real substantive commitment to “going green” (the iPedestal is 100% biodegradable), this little stand for your iPad blows the third party competition out of the water and will truly revolutionize the way you use the magical tablets from everybody’s favorite technology innovator, Apple, Inc.

We were able to secure one of these bad boys a couple of weeks early to review, and bring you the full unboxing experience and hands-on usage in all its glory below. Without further delay:

The iPedestal comes in a stylish and yet economical case provided by Apple which is as fun as any of their packaging to open. Our staff members could hardly contain their excitement as we peeled back each layer of the exterior to find the stand inside:

To keep it lightweight, Apple has managed to make the entire iPedestal hollow underneath (while still allowing plenty of room for your accessory cables and, of course, the iPad itself). The magical design of the stand itself ensures the iPedestal is always solidly anchored to your desk or lap however:

As an added bonus, the iPedestal can hold your protective iPad carrying boxes if inverted, saving you money since you would ordinarily have to buy a second stand of a different size to do this (second iPedestal, sold seperately, required to hold both ends at once):

Here’s a picture of the iPedestal against a clean backdrop, ready to revolutionize your working experience. The iPedestal has a very “green” look and feel, which is nice to see in computer accessories instead of the trademark metal, rubber, and plastic that is so commonly used elsewhere:

The iPad, once inserted, is held firmly in place at just the right angle. In testing, we found it somewhat difficult to access every part of the screen and all of the buttons, but we’re sure we’ll get used to it after a little while. The iPedestal promises a much more ergonomic usage experience:

If you need to type a lot, have no fear: The iPedestal integrates with Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock (sold separately) as well, offering truly the best of both worlds:

Finally, here’s the whole happy family together. We turned the iPedestal around so you can see the slick logo on the back:

There you have it folks, the iPedestal. In our testing, this beats out every other stand to date (no surprise, since Apple can control every part of the user experience from start to end). And at the price, it’s a deal you can’t pass up. Look for the iPedestal ($79.99) on April 15 or pre-order yours today.

3 Responses

  1. Nice! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Is Apple offering any discounts for ordering on April 1?

    • No, the iPedestal isn’t available for order until the April 15 release date.

  2. Smarty Pants.

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