Google – Make It Happen

Perhaps you’ve seen the Google “Make it Happen” commercial? If not, let me give you a quick glimpse so we’re all on the same page.

Google has a whole series of these inspiring ads under the umbrella of “The Web Is What You Make Of It.” What I find most interesting is that they aren’t hyping anything. Everything they say is true, everything they show is real, and all of the “magic” is today’s product. What they can’t do in a 30 second clip is help people learn how to use all of this great technology, and that’s great news for us here at TechieBytes.

One of the hardest parts of having a blog is finding stuff to write about that people will actually want to read about. (Well, the first part is actually easy. It’s the second part that is a bit harder.) So now we have the ability to start a series of content that will help our readers begin doing all the cool stuff they see in the Google commercials.

Now I understand everyone will have different skills, some of the content might be below your level, and other content might be over your head. Either way, feel free to participate by asking questions or helping others in the comment boxes located on every page. Also understand that I’m not going to recreate the wheel for every post. I will be reusing quality content when appropriate, and I welcome guest bloggers if they are experts in a specific Google product.

All posts that are part of this series will be tagged with Google as a keyword, and will be linked back to this initial post to make items easier to find.

Do you have a specific feature you would like to see covered? Drop me a note below and let’s get started.