Unclutter and share your mind with MindMeister

As a visual worker I’ve struggled with the ability to collect, organize, and present my information in an efficient and effective manner. I learned early on that project management tools were complex and rather cumbersome for me. Drafting long documents was painful and business owners usually are too busy to do more than scan the information. Bulleted lists are fine but seemed to lack the appeal to really show off the benefits of an idea. Then I found a perfect fit for the way I work.

MindMeister dubs itself as an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. While accurate, the description falls short of its real potential. You see, MindMeister allows me to work the way I think. I generate and document ideas, I flush out the idea and estimate resources, I gather information from business owners, and I present and manage these ideas as projects. I don’t have the luxury of sitting at my desk for all of these steps, in fact who knows when an idea will hit me. Regardless of location, device, or platform MindMeister is there and ready for me to document my brain with visual cues.

Granted I’ve used a number of mind mapping solutions, but a few key features make MindMeister the best for me.

  1. Online means I can connect from any device with an Internet connection
  2. Offline means I can connect to my mind maps even with my Internet connection fails
  3. Mobile support allows me to access mind maps from my tablet or smartphone
  4. Enhanced mobile apps dedicated to simply documenting ideas as they happen
  5. Collaboration allowing mind maps to be shared and modified with others
  6. Export for documentation and presentations

These are just my favorite features, and this short list barely scratches the surface.

As with any online solution, MindMeister comes with an array of pricing and service options. The basic service is free and will give you a nice taste of the product. After a few weeks I opted to go with the pro version with a fee of $9.99 per month. After almost a year I’m still happy with the price and the service.

For a quick overview of MindMeister watch this quick four minute video.

Note: MindMeister doesn’t give me any money or services for my rave review but if they had, I would have taken it.